VCloud Director Console Session Browser Plugin issue resolved


vCloud Director Console Session Browser Plugin issue resolved

Browser vendors have updated their browsers to disable NPAPI plugins which Vmware use in vCloud Director 5.x to open the console session to the individual Virtual Machines.   There is a solution to this, so you can open virtual machines directly from the browser, without having to have a very old version of Firefox installed

This solution was tested on the latest firefox at the time of writing 53.0.3





In Firefox

Type in about:config   in the URL bar and accept the warning


The right click on the white space and create two BOOLEAN values:




set them both to true

Create a third boolean value 


set this value to false

then close Firefox and install both these plugins

Now open firebox and go to “Plugins” , you will see the below.  Change them to always activate


Then open back up Firefox and browse to vcloud director page and login

make sure you enable all plugins, the plugins symbol should be grey and not red



this article was a combination of the below two articles pieced together to work: